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Individual Foreign Exchange

Authorized by the State Administration of Foreign Exchange ("SAFE"), all Branches and Sub-branches of BEA China not only provide individual foreign exchange settlement for domestic customers, but also offer foreign exchange trading for all customers. Our services help you to catch every opportunity of international market and remarkably create your wealth.



 - Application procedure of Individual Foreign Exchange:

Customers could consult related application process by calling our hotline before purchasing foreign currency for personal purpose; after that, bring originals of relevant supporting documents to Branches of BEA China; and fill in the form <application of individual foreign exchange>.


Related products and services:

Branches of BEA China also provide other personal financial products related to individual foreign exchange purchase, such as: foreign currency deposit certificate, foreign currency outbound license, foreign currency remittance, personal draft, and foreign currency exchange, so on and so forth.



- According to the State Administration of Foreign Exchange ("SAFE"), the valid documents and commercial invoices have to be be stamped by bank seal after finishing applications.

- It is necessary for clients to keep all the materials during application procedures, including receipts, invoice, bank statements and other important documents. That could make sure the next application of individual foreign exchange will be successful.

- The details of rules are subject to the latest notification of governments.


- Foreign Currency Trading

Currencies available for foreign currency trading include the Hong Kong dollar(HKD) , US dollar(USD) , Euro(EUR) , Pound sterling(GBP) , Japanese yen(JPY) and other foreign currencies .

*Currencies available for foreign currency trading vary between different China Branches in accordance with related banking regulations in the locality of the Branch.


Easy management of your assets

- Use your multi-currency passbook savings account or SupremeGold account to trade foreign currencies at your convenience and effectively manage your assets. 


Real time transactions

- All foreign currency trading deals are handled on a real-time basis using the cross rates of the international foreign exchange market obtained from BEA China.


Preferential exchange rates

- Preferential exchange rates may be offered based on the transaction volume.


Up-to-date information on foreign exchange market

- The latest global foreign exchange market information / commentaries may be provided to customers upon request.