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Supreme Gold Services
What is SupremeGold SupremeGold is our one-stop financing service, tailor-made for our honoured VIP customers. With your comprehensive SupremeGold Account, you gain access to our diversified banking services specially designed to assist you in creating and building your wealth. What is SupremeGold Online Application
Exclusive Benefits BEA China appoints a dedicated SupremeGold manager for every SupremeGold customer to ensure you receive professional “one-on-one” financial management that fully meets your financial needs... SupremeGold Centers SupremeGold Charges SupremeGold Manager Privileged Merchants and Services
Wealth Management Solution Through our in-depth understanding of market movements, our professional staff will design a comprehensive, tailor-made financial management solution for you to manage your wealth while capitalising on investment opportunities. Tailor-made Products
opportunities in Mainland and Hong Kong The Bank of East Asia (China), Limited (“BEA China”) is committed to providing comprehensive personal banking, wealth management, and investment services to all its customers. With our extensive network of branches in Mainland China and Hong Kong, we strive to provide a variety of professional wealth management solutions to help you achieve your financial goals. opportunities in Mainland and Hong Kong Online Application