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nal Cyberbanking

Account Management
Through this function, the customer can manage his own account by himself. The function including Account Overview, Details Enquiry, Transfer Between Current Account, Transfer Between Time Deposit &Current Account, Report Loss, And Online Agreement Account and so on.
Transfer And Remittance
The Transfer and Remittance function of BEA cyberbanking is not only covers the commonly basic functions, such as the transfer within BEA and interbank transfer which could satisfy the public demand. At the same time, we also introduce unique characteristics function, such as RMB remittance to Hong Kong, it will provides convenience to the user which has the capital transaction between inland and Hong Kong.
Foreign Exchange Settlement/Sales
Individual Foreign Exchange Settlement business allows you to exchange foreign currency into RMB at BEA China’s published exchange rates. Individual Foreign Exchange Sales allows you to exchange RMB into foreign currency. Currently, foreign exchange settlements are available to both local and foreign individuals, while foreign exchange sales are only available to local individuals.
Net Payment
While the net payment provided the traditional payment service, it also offered some kinds of special services, such as Shopping Card. Through this function, the customer could enjoy a safe and convenient, fashionable online shopping experience and instead of going outside.
Investment Products
The user could check the information of financial product, even though it has not been redeemed, and they could check the transaction detail as well, and enjoy professional financial services easily. At the same time, the cyberbanking of BEA will also provide the financial date service, which will provide more professional and scientific advice to the users about their financial plan.
Financing Management
Through this function, the user could do the online loan application, loan and information checking. The customer could transaction at anywhere.
Personal Credit
The user can check the information which is relative to the credit card, and the operation such as the bill setting, and password modification.
Fund Receipt
The function which is available for the user to complete the paying and collection in different channel
Security Center
The user can make the personalized service setting depend on their actual demand, and then they can protect the security of the account. This function including security settings, password changing, and account capital limit setting, and so on.