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BEA China's WeChat Banking provides a dedicated mobile finance platform for WeChat Users. Check the hottest investment products, and time deposit/current account transfers, as well as convenient customer services. Access to all these services is right at your fingertips.

WeChat Banki

ng Features

Investment Products

Exclusive investment products, exclusive treatment! Purchase investment products, withdraw orders and check your balance. You can also browse the latest financial information and advice.

Time Deposit/Current Account Transfer

You can transfer funds between your time deposit account and current account, giving you flexible control over your funds.

Check My Balance

Check your current account balance at a glance and track transactions in real time.

Bind my Account

If you have cyber banking with BEA China, you can bind your account to WeChat banking.


BEA China's WeChat banking has a comprehensive electronic banking security protection system, multi-layer firewall architecture and security guarantee.

Overseas Remittance of RMB

WeChat banking provides users in Hong Kong and mainland China with the option of overseas remittance of RMB. Remit funds in either direction at your convenience.