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Corporate Loans
  • Working Capital Loan

    A working capital loan is granted to your company to meet the needs for short-term financing, to satisfy the temporary capital demands at procurement or during peak production period, and to ensure normal operations of production and business.

  • Term Loan

    A term Loan provides funds for specific capital expenditures incurred during operation of your company, so as to satisfy future business expansion programs, such as equipment purchasing, plant expansion, and retail outlet expansion.

  • Syndicated Loan and Project Financing

    BEA can provide funds for your company's large-scale financing program together with other banks or financial institutions as lead bank, agent bank or participating bank.

  • Merger and Acquisition Loan

    A merger and Acquisition Loan is granted to the merging parties or their wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries, which are specifically established for a merger and acquisition purpose only.

  • Commercial Instalment Loan

    A commercial Instalment Loan is granted to your company for the purpose of financing the mortgage on a long term property, so as to meet specific demands for operational funds.

  • Commitment for Mortgage Financing for Completed New Property

    A commitment for mortgage financing for a completed new property is granted to your company for property development, so as to meet the mortgage loan needs of purchasers for a completed new property and for a new property under construction.

  • Construction Loan

    A construction Loan is granted to your company for the development of real estate projects in China to cater for financing needs of construction funds during project development.

  • Company-Entrusted Loan

    For a loan between corporations, BEA will release the loan as the surrogate in line with the counterparty, amount, tenor, and interest rate determined by the client, supervise the use of loan on the behalf of the client, and assist in collecting principal and interest.