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Cross-Border Financing
  • Cross-border Financing & Guarantee

    Relying on expertized cross border financing solutions including Nei-Bao-Wai-Dai, Nei-Bao-Zhi-Dai, Nei-Cun-Wai-Dai, Wai-Bao-Nei-Dai, BEA China provides primary banking services to support clients’ strategic goals of globalization.

  • Cross-border Comprehensive Credit Facilities

    Aiming at improving asset utilization, facilitating global business expansion and broadening offshore financing channel, BEA China offers “Go Out” clients one-step financing solutions.

  • Cross-border Settlement & Trade Finance Services

    BEA China’s sophisticated cross-border platform offers efficient settlement and trade financing services for clients’ oversea trade transactions.

  • Onshore & Offshore Financial Solutions

    With professional cross-border financial solutions and expertized onshore & offshore account management, BEA China help to enhance the financial return for transnational groups.

  • Cross-border Finance Advisory

    BEA China has strong global franchises and rich experience in cross-border business, we offer integrated cross-border finance consultancy on corporate and personal financial advisory, IPO, and corporate insurance.