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Mobile banking features

Designed for use with IPHONE and ANDROID, BEA China Mobile Banking is a customised app that includes a complete set of security solutions. BEA China has combined the mature business models of cyberbanking and mobile payment-centred mobile e-commerce to create a unique app that is a leader in its industry.

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My Memberlevel
After login, you can check your customer category and see your personal manager assigned by the system.
Security Centre
Set a gesture password for sign-in
Account Management
Account overview: see your account details
Statement Enquiry: check your transaction history
Balance Sheet Enquiry: check your assets and liabilities
Current Account Transfer: transfer funds between current accounts
Time Deposit/Current Account Transfer: transfer funds between your time deposit account and current account
Zhoulibao Notice Deposit: open, withdraw from, or check notice deposit account (7-day automatic transfer to savings account)
Account Maintenance: add/delete signed account
Report a Lost/Missing Card: report a lost/missing card for signed accounts in person
Account Movement Notification: check notifications of account movements 
Self-service Cancellation: cancel mobile banking self-service
Transfer and Remittance
Intra-bank Transfer: transfer to a designated BEA China account
Inter-bank Transfer: transfer to a non-BEA China account
Transaction Enquiry: search for transaction details of transfers/remittances
Investment Products
Risk Assessment: see risk tolerance information and assessment
My Investments: see your investment products, and allow the additional purchase and redemption transactions of overseas investment products on behalf of clients
Purchase Domestic Investment Products: browse and purchase domestic investment products
Domestic Investment Transactions History: see transaction history for your domestic investment products, including withdrawal orders, entrustment and historical transactions
Overseas Investment Product Proxy Purchase: search and purchase overseas investment products on behalf of clients
Overseas Investment Transactions Query: see transaction details for proxy purchases of overseas investment products, including withdrawal orders, entrustment and historical transactions
Fund Investment
Risk Assessment: query and assess risk tolerance
My Fund: check fund products held. You can make additional purchases, redemptions, change dividend settings and make fixed investments
Fund Products: browse and purchase available fund products
Fund Transaction Enquiry: search fund transaction details, including withdrawal orders, entrustment, history, and fixed investments
Intelligent Fixed Investment Management: maintain fixed investment trading rules
Balance Sheet
Touch the Asset overview in the taskbar menu to see an overview of your assets and liabilities.
Credit card
Account Enquiry: check your credit card account details
Billing Enquiry: check the billing information of signed credit card
Billing Settings: billing maintenance of credit card 
Pay your credit card bill
Credit Card Installments: credit card installments
Foreign Exchange (FX)
FX Purchase: self-service FX purchase for domestic customers within the annual FX purchase limit
FX Settlement: self-service FX settlement for domestic and foreign customers within the annual FX settlement limit
Check your statement: search FX transactions by purchase and settlement
Exchange Rate Enquiry: find out the current exchange rate
Personal Loans
Loan Application: apply online for a loan with BEA China  
Credit Limit Enquiry: query the estimated loan amount with BEA China
My Loan: check current repayment plan with BEA China 
Member Centre
My Points: check your balance and see the latest promotions
Redeem Points: redeem your points for products
My Redemptions: see the record of previous points redemptions
Cross-border Services
Products for users in Hong Kong and mainland China and service information
Change Password: change your mobile banking login password
Device Management: view and delete registered mobile banking devices