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Treasury Management
  • Corporate Funds Supervision Services

    If your trading activities are based on transactions like equity transferring, commodity transaction, property exchanging, labor service, rental service, special funds utilization, which involve fund supervision, collection, and withdrawal for relevant guarantee deposit, security deposit, advance deposit, and advance payment, BEA China can be entrusted as your funds supervisor. BEA China will supervise your funds and transfer the supervised funds in accordance with the joint instructions from you and your business partner.

  • Supervision Service for Funds Raised by Listed Company or Public Company Listed On NEEQ

    BEA China can provide supervision services for capital raised by companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, SME Board or GEM Board, as well as public companies listed on NEEQ. The funds should be earmarked for specific purposes and raised from investors via public or non-public offerings. BEA China will safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of companies and sponsors.

  • Bond fund specific account supervision service

    During the process that a company issues the bond to raise the fund, BEA China, as an independent third party, can be entrusted by bond issuer and the trustees (securities companies) to sign the fund supervision agreement with both parties. BEA China will supervise the receipt and payment activities of the account of raised fund and make the transactions under the joint instruction and evidence files from both parties.

  • Trust Property Custody Services

    BEA China can provide trust property custody services to trust schemes including secure custody of trust assets, finance & accounting services, payment & clearing services, investment transaction monitoring, information disclosure and liquidation at maturity. BEA China will carry out its custodial duties to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of beneficiaries.

  • Cross-Border two-way RMB pooling

    According to International Enterprises’ business and management needs, BEA China can provide the client provide cross-border RMB fund balance adjustment and fund collection service among enterprise’s member companies under PBC’s guideline.