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Payment & Settlement
  • Multi-level virtual account management

    • Our corporation customers are able to open multi-level virtual sub-accounts under their main account and perform fund management in each sub-account. • This product enables our clients to make payment and settlement in separate virtual accounts. • It also supports the features like transaction recording, quota management, payment management, account report, etc. in multi-level virtual accounts.

  • Omni-Channel Payment Collection

    Through the business matching, BEA China and our partners will provide the customer with complete solution to Omni-Channel Payment Collection which supports our clients’ business in cross-bank, on-line/off-line payment collection scenarios and provides the payment channels like fast payment, payment gateway, payment through third party, smart POS and QR code etc.

  • Omni-Channel Payment Making

    BEA China and our partners will provide our client with complete solution to Omni-Channel Payment Making business scenario based on client’s bank account.
    BEA China’s system will enable our client to access to the payment service like large/small amount payment system of PBC, Netbank and Union Pay etc.