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BEA Honor List
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Award Awarded by Year
The Most Potential Market-Maker Reward for Forward and Currency Swap Trading/The Best Comprehensive Membership Reward/Active Trader Reward
  China Foreign Exchange Trade System & National Interbank Funding Center
"Best Practice Award" in the 2018 YICAI CSR Rankings in China YI CAI 2018
“2018 Foreign Bank of Excellent Competitiveness” in the 2018 Financial Institutions of Excellent Competitiveness China Business Journal 2018
2018 Pioneer Brand in Financial Industry
  International Finance News
“2018 Annual Foreign Bank” in the 2018 Top Financial selection The Paper 2018
“Best Bank for Cross-Border Trade” in the 2018 Stars of China Awards Global Finance 2018
“2018 Annual Best Wealth Management Bank” in the 9th Golden Tripod Award National Business News 2018
“Best Brand-building Foreign Bank” in the 2018 Golden-shell Award of China 21st Century Business Herald 2018
2017 Best Practice of Social Responsibility Award China Banking Association 2018
China Banking Wealth Management Registration & Depository Co., Ltd. “Best Foreign Bank” in the 2017 Wealth Management Registration 2018