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BEA China Donates CNY 3 Million to Henan Flood Relief Effort
Issue Date:[2021-07-23]

Zhengzhou and other places in Henan Province have been recently suffering from rare and severe rainfall disaster, which has aroused wide public concern. The Bank of East Asia (China) Limited (“BEA China”) announced today that it will donate CNY 3 million to the China Charity Federation. The donation will be used for procurement of emergency relief supplies, infection prevention and temporary settlement and relocation for affected residents in Henan Province. Part of the donation will also be used to handle future natural disasters related to climate change.


Mr. Montgomery Ho Shun-wah, Executive Director & Chief Executive of BEA China, expressed: “Henan Province has been impacted by historically rare severe rainfall, threatening the lives and properties of the people there. We hope the donation can contribute positively to the relief measures and helps people return to their daily lives soon.”


In addition, BEA China’s Zhengzhou Branch triggered its emergency response mechanism at the first time. With the joint efforts of staff members, the branch strived to assure the safety and security of its team and facilities, in support of local disaster relief.


As a bank with Hong Kong origins and over 100 years of presence on the Mainland, BEA China has been consistently contributing to the communities it serves. In the face of this rare disaster, BEA China will strive to assist in the recovery of Henan and hope the donation can help convey confidence and strength to the local affected people and assist them get out of the plight as soon as possible.