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"2018 Bank of East Asia Cup Financial Education School Tour" Comes to a Successful End
Issue Date:[2018-12-22]

On 22nd December, 2018, the “2018 Bank of East Asia Cup Financial Education School Tour” finals were held at the Shanghai Huangpu Teenagers Science & Technology Activity Center. The event was jointly organised by the Shanghai Students Moral Education Development Centre, the Shanghai Educational Press Group, and the Bank of East Asia (China) Limited ("BEA China"). The programme was fortunate to receive the support and guidance of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission’s Consumer Protection Department as well as its Shanghai Office. The event’s contest incorporated hot financial topics as ‘RMB internationalisation’, ‘internet finance’, ‘quick pay’ and ‘financial risk prevention’, giving teenagers the most up-to-date financial literacy and financial awareness.


The event included a quiz on students’ financial knowledge and a debate on financial issues. The competition showcased middle school students’ in-depth financial knowledge, careful and clear logical expression and seamless teamwork. In the quiz, five school teams competed fiercely through a gauntlet of challenges including set questions, graph analysis, video analysis, and fingers-on-buzzers quizzes. Shanghai Fudan Wupuhui Experimental School’s team emerged as the victor. In the financial debate round, the Shanghai Nanyang Model Middle School and High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University teams had a fierce debate on the hot topic of “Should Consumer Upgrading Advocate `Spend Tomorrow's Money, Realize Today's Dream'?” The contestants all endeavoured express their individual viewpoints and employed a wealth of real-time data to support their position. Finally, the team from Shanghai Nanyang Model Middle School won the contest by dint of their quick thinking, rapid-fire responses and outstanding analytical skills. At the same time, the competition recognised excellent individual debaters. Student Shao Kaiwen from Shanghai Nanyang Model Middle School received the title of Best Debater; student Li Zihan from High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University received the prize for Best Inspirational Individual; and student Wang Jiayi from Shanghai Nanyang Model Middle School was the winner of Viewers’ Choice. Around 200 teachers and students attended the finals and the awards ceremony.


Mr. Cartier Lam Chi-man, Executive Director & Chief Executive of BEA China, said, "This year is the sixth consecutive year that the 'Financial Education School Tour' has been held. I am delighted that through with the expanded coverage and increasing influence of this event over the past few years, more and more young people are beginning to understand the importance of finance and are learning about finance. This year coincides with the fortieth anniversary of reform and opening up. China's financial opening-up will continue, and I hope that our event can help teenagers to further enhance their financial literacy, broaden their financial horizons and lay the foundation for future growth. Meanwhile, on the eve of The Bank of East Asia (“BEA”)’s 100-year anniversary, we also opened the Shanghai & Hong Kong Museum of Banking History on the former site of BEA Shanghai Branch to help teenagers better understand the historical development of the banking industries in both Shanghai and Hong Kong and contribute to cultural exchange between the two cities.”


The “Bank of East Asia Cup Financial Education School Tour” was developed to enhance middle school students’ financial literacy, help teenagers develop a better understanding of wealth management, and thereby improve financial awareness among young people. Launched in 2013, the “BEA Financial Education School Tour” has already run for six consecutive years, increasing its profile each year. Over 10,000 students from more than 120 schools in Shanghai participated and over 100,000 people followed the event.