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BEA China Opens the Shanghai and Hong Kong Museum of Banking History
Issue Date:[2018-11-26]

30th November, 2018, The Bank of East Asia (China) Limited (“BEA China”) announces the official opening of the Shanghai and Hong Kong Museum of Banking History (“the Museum”) on the Bund of Shanghai.  Officials of the Shanghai Municipal Government attended the opening ceremony with Dr. David K. P. Li, Chairman & Chief Executive of BEA and Chairman of BEA China; Dr. Jiang Jianqing, the Museum Advisor; and directors and senior management members of BEA China.  It is the first public museum focusing on banking development histories set up by the foreign bank in the mainland.


Mr. Brian Li, Executive Director & Deputy Chief Executive of BEA and Vice Chairman of BEA China, said: “In 1918, BEA was established with the aim of ‘Promoting the prosperity of the Motherland’ and was one of the earliest Chinese banks in Hong Kong. Today, BEA is a leading financial services group in Hong Kong and has a branch network covering major Chinese communities around the world. In 1920, we opened our first branch in Shanghai and our business on the Mainland has grown ever since. At present, BEA China operates one of the largest networks of any foreign bank in Mainland China. To mark its 100th Anniversary, BEA wishes to promote cultural exchange between Shanghai and Hong Kong by showcasing banking developments in the two cities at The Shanghai and Hong Kong Museum of Banking History.”


During the preparation period, the Museum obtained great support from three experts in finance and history, including Professor Liu Mingkang, Dr. Jiang Jianqing, and Dr. Elizabeth Sinn. Featuring a timeline, the Museum shows the changes and integration of the banking industry in the two cities from the mid-nineteenth century to the present. The Museum is located in the Bank of East Asia Building at 299 Sichuan Road Central, Shanghai. The building has served as one of BEA’s major office buildings since its construction in 1926. In 1999, the building was given heritage status by the Shanghai Municipal Government. The well-preserved marble counter, vaults, and safe deposit boxes on the first floor of the building are highlights of the Museum. In addition, historical items from BEA and other financial institutions from Shanghai and Hong Kong are on display and presented in multimedia form..


The Museum is open every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. For those who are interested in the Museum, please follow the WeChat public account of "The Shanghai and Hong Kong Museum of Banking History" (沪港银行历史展览馆) and make an appointment for free admission.