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Adjustment to the part of charges of the Bank of East Asia (China).Ltd
Issue Date:[2020-03-31]

Dear Customer:

In line with current market trends and in order to provide our customers with an improved level of service, we plan to adjust part of charges ofThe Schedule of Charges of the Bank of East Asia (China) Ltdeffected from Jul.  1st  2020 as follows:

Deleted Fee Item:

Fee Items

Applicable Customers

Current Fee

8.4 Financial Advisory Services

Advisory Service Fee - Financial Advisory Services

Corporate Customer Appling For Financial Advisory Services

Minimum RMB 50K/year and maximum RMB 1.5Mil/year, includes

Basic service I(forex market, major industries information, weekly): RMB 50K/month

Basic service II(comprehensive information report(macro economy, policy and regulation, forex market, etc.), monthly): RMB 50K/month

Specific service(specific analysis report based on clients business needs(like industry analysis, peer analysis, trends analysis, etc.),monthly): RMB 150K/month

(small micro entities will not be charged)

Additional Fee Item:

Fee Items

Applicable Customers

Service Function

Standard Charges

Corporate operating funds smart analysis

Corporate Customer

Clients can batch upload e-Documents of bank accounts, which opened in different banks related to different affiliated companies, via BEA's Corporate Cyberbank system. BEA China will perform smart analysis on these files and generate specific analysis report on client's operating funds in real-time. Meanwhile, BEA China also provides client-specific risk-warning and advices on fund structure management.

The service does not limit to the following: service counts, number of affiliated companies, categories of account opening banks, counts of analysis report generation and downloading.

1) One-off implementation fee: RMB 50,000

 2) Service fee: RMB 5,000 per month

Should you have any queries, please visit any branch or sub-branch of BEA China in Mainland China, or contact our Customer Service Hotline at 95382.

Thank you.

The Bank of East Asia (China) Limited

31st ,Mar. 2020