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Announcement of Cash Business Cancellation in Selected Branch
Issue Date:[2018-08-08]


  Dear Customers,  

  Commencing on 1st November, 2017, We will cancel cash business including currency deposit/withdraw, currency exchange, damaged RMB exchange in following branches due to the business adjustment. We hereby sincerely apologize for any possible inconvenience.  

  Branches involved in cash business cancellation till Sept 7th, 2018 are as follows : 


Branch Name 

Contact Tel 

Nov 1st,2017 

Bank of East Asia(China), Mao Ming Branch 

86-668-3386 228 

Bank of East Asia(China), Jiang Men Branch 

86-750-3876 288 

Bank of East Asia(China), Zhao Qing Branch 

86-758-2321 858 

Bank of East Asia(China), Shao Guan Branch 

86-751-8805 808 

Nov 20th,2017 

Bank of East Asia(China), Hui Zhou Branch 

86-752-7839 188 

Bank of East Asia(China), Chang An Branch 

86-769-2698 7998 

Bank of East Asia(China), Dong Guan Branch 

86-769-2338 0508 

Dec 1st ,2017 

Bank of East Asia(China), Zhong Shan Branch  

86-760-8998 3838 

Bank of East Asia(China), Zhan Jiang Branch 

86-759-3189 288 

May 8th,2018 

Bank of East Asia(China), Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei Sub-Branch 

86-755-8376 3299 

June 1st,2018 

Bank of East Asia(China), Shenzhen Zhong Xin Qu Sub-Branch 

86-755-8899 6899 

June 6 th,2018 

Bank of East Asia(China), Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Sub-Branch 

86-24-3108 9300  

July 13 th,2018 

Bank of East Asia(China), Shenzhen Long Gang Sub-Branch 

86-755-8481 5111  

Sept 1st,2018 

Bank of East Asia(China),Xiamen He Xiang Sub-Branch 

86-592-2966 565 

Sept 1st,2018 

Bank of East Asia(China),Xiamen Xia Da Sub-Branch 

86-592-2575 353 

Sept 7th,2018 

Bank of East Asia(China), Shenzhen Fu Tian Sub-Branch 

86-755- 2533 4488 


  Customers who hold debit card or credit card issued by BEA China can withdraw on ATM with “Union Pay” mark. Customers can also handle account transactions through BEA China Cyberbanking, Mobile Banking and WeChat Banking, POS machine, or third-party payment agencies. 

  Should you have any queries, please contact our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline at 95382 or contact any sub-branch officer of BEA China during working-time. Thank you for your support! 



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