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Credit Card Usage and Security
Issue Date:[2018-03-16]

Your BEA China Credit Card is a valuable possession. For your safety, please follow these simple guidelines:

√ Protect your BEA China Credit Card and always keep it with you.

√ Sign your BEA China Credit Card immediately on the back in the specified area and make sure your signature corresponds to the one on the application form.

√ Do not use your Identity card number, telephone number, date of birth, driver's licence number, or any simple number sequences (such as 123456) as your Personal Identification Number(PIN).

√ Do not disclose your PIN to anyone at any time under any circumstances.

√ Do not write down your PIN on your BEA China Credit Card or on anything usually kept with or near it.

√ For your security, your PIN should be regularly changed.

√ Be aware of your surroundings when you enter your PIN to avoid unintended disclosure.

√ Do not sign any blank or incomplete slips, and be sure that all copies of sales slips are destroyed if you cancel a transaction.

√ Check the total amount on all sales slips before signing, and keep the "Cardholder Copy" with your monthly statements.

√ Monitor your monthly statements and check all of the transactions carefully, especially after overseas spending. Please call our Customer Services Hotline if you find any suspicious transactions.

√  If your BEA China Credit Card is lost or stolen, please report the loss to the Customer Service Hotline immediately.

√  Ignore emails or phone calls seeking your personal or account information. Do not volunteer any personal information or financial information by email or phone.