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Adjustment to the part of charges of the Bank of East Asia (China).Ltd
Issue Date:[2020-11-27]

Dear Customer:

In line with current market trends and in order to provide our customers with an improved level of service, we plan to adjust part of charges ofThe Schedule of Charges of the Bank of East Asia (China) Ltdeffected from Mar.1st , 2021 as follows:


Additional Fee Item:

Fee Items

Applicable Customers

Standard Charges

Service Function

3rd party Bank Cash Management

Corporate Customer

One-off System Setup and Implementation Fee

Maximum CNY 150,000 per client (one-time charge per service agreement)

Implementation service for 3rd party Bank Cash Management

Implementation Fee for newly added banks

CNY 50000 per application

Implementation Service for newly added banks

Maintenance Fee

CNY 500 per maintenance per account

Change Account or Service of third-party Cash Management

Management Fee

CNY 5000 per client per month

Management Service for third-party Bank Cash Management


Should you have any queries, please visit any branch or sub-branch of BEA China in Mainland China, or contact our Customer Service Hotline at 95382.

Thank you.



The Bank of East Asia (China) Limited

30th, Nov. 2020