No collaterals are needed. A stable occupation and income, as well as supporting documents are what you need.
Fixed Interest Rate
Once the loan is approved, the interest rate is locked in at one rate that will not fluctuate during the fixed rate period of loan.
Flexible loan period
The shortest loan period is 6 months, the longest is 48 months. You can choose loan repayment period depending your own circumstances.
Convenient Loan Disbursement
The maximum loan amount is RMB500000. Once the loan is approved, you can get it quickly and easily.
Rapid approval
If the information is complete, the loan application will be approved within 3 days, and disbursed within 7 days.
SMS Alerts
We provide free mobile phone SMS notification service for you. No matter the monthly repayment or origination of loan, there are always SMS alerts, and more intimate service.

Applicants are required to

work and live in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi,an, Shenyang,
Qingdao, Zhuhai, Xiamen, Chongqing, Nanjing, Harbin, Wuhan, Chengdu, Urumqi, Hangzhou or Shijiazhuang;
be aged between 22 to 55 years old;
hold Chinese nationality (except Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan);
have a stable occupation and income (excluding self-employee) with minimum RMB4000 after tax monthly income.

About the estimated loan amount

The estimated loan amount is a result of a preliminary evaluation, and may be different from the final amount approved by the Bank. You may start to apply for the "Xin Shi Dai" term loan by submitting relevant documents as required by the Bank..

In accordance with the relevant provisions promulgated by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, loans shall be used for the purposes prescribed in the loan contract. Borrowers have to make sure that the loan will not be used for personal expenses without a clear purpose, or for income generating activities such as investments in real estate, securities, private financing and equity market, and industries in which credit loans are prohibited by the national policy.